Sunday, 31 March 2013

My last and final post

So the season has officially ended.
It was really an awesome journey that all of us went through together.
The blue mats was our second home.
We were like the nomads moving them every where to train because the school doesn't have enough space for us.
From track to south wing, from dance studio to that sports complex with a leaky roof.
The mats are saturated with our sweat, blood and passion together with a lot of 毛毛.
Some days were great , some days were just awfully bad.
On the bad days there was tantrums, black faces , emotional people and so much more negative stuff
On the good days, there were laughter , progress and improvement!
After our main exams, while our peers went out to have fun we had training as it was the start of the intensive training period for nationals.
The time that all of us had to set aside to train.
The injuries that tries to stop us from training.
The obstacles that we overcome together just to compete as Blazers.
Together with all the effort that we put in just to materialize the routine.
None of that was wasted!
All of that transformed into the medal that all of us are hanging proudly somewhere at home now!
The medal is a validation of our hard work and effort that we had put in through the year.
Remember that feeling when you receive that!
Next season, Blazers must get even stronger and better and bring home more trophies!

I will miss all of you the bird face.
Rest well everybody we earned it !

Also a word of thanks to our beloved coaches BB, YQ and Hakim.
Without the guidance and training from you guys, we wont be able to make it thus far!
We really appreciate all the time and effort that you gave us!
Thank you coaches! Hope you can continue coaching Blazers ;)