Tuesday, 11 September 2012

SNG Event 2012!

Shake it up, pump it up Red~ White~

Last weekend saw Blazers performing for the inaugural SNG 2012! (:

It was the year 1s first time putting up a cheer performance in front of the public audience along with the year 2 & 3s. Although it was only a mini routine of cheer & dance, it was an eye opening & crowd exposure experience for many of us! Especially since we were cheering in front of a grandstand crowd of hundreds.

Pictures time! :D

Rehearsal time:
  Fine weather but with a graying sky~

While waiting for the rehearsal to start. *\_O_/*

Just as the rehearsal ended and we were gonna proceed with the closing ceremony....the gray skies finally started pouring and we had to call off the stunts segment.

Everyone seeking shelter in the sports comp in our ponchos!

Eventually the rain finally subsided!! ☼☼ And we were back on the field once again~

Girls group! :D

Flyers: heel-strech & scorpion. :D



Stunts time! ^____^

And finally group photos time! ☺☺

 Even though it rained and the stunts segment was cancelled but it was indeed a very fresh & fun experience dancing & performing the routine along with the rest of the crowd~ :DD

Photos credit to our cca advisor Jonathan & Ben :)

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