Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ordering of Team Temasek Tees‏

Hi guys!

Here's a sample picture of this year’s Team Temasek tee.

You can order either colour or both as you wish. However please note that only current members of the team can purchase these tees.

Price per tee: $11-$15
Actual pricing will be given once the order quantity has been confirmed.

Sizes of tees: XS to XXL
Should you need to try them on, there’ll be samples 
(S, M, L, XL) available at SAA. Actual training tee size will vary about +/-3%.

Please text Wanxin your order in this format:
Name, N.o of pieces, Colour, Size

E.g  Mary, 2 pieces, Red-XS & Black-M.


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