Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Post-Nats 2013

We've come a long way since nationals competition 2012, from getting the 9th position last year to clinching the 3rd this year.
Take a walk with us as we look back on our journey for the past year (:

Video credits to Sohvil!

Now it's been almost a month since we've come to the end of this season of nationals. So what've we been up to for the past month?

We'll let pictures do the talking. (:

Stunting daringly against the beautiful backdrop @ Gardens by the Bay with Denvers. 

Attempting stunts that we never thought we'd ever hit....

....but eventually we did!

Thank you Denvers for giving us the opportunity to stunt in your grounds!

They say it is impossible to breakaway entirely from cheerleading. Our graduating seniors have just shown us what it means attending recruitment drives and weekly trainings for open teams soon right after competition has ended.

Let the cheer flame continue to burn~~

Credits to: Raeann, Ben, Joshua (Denvers) for the photos. ^^

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