Thursday, 25 April 2013

Recruitment Drive 2013

Hey all the Blazers fans out there! We have just concluded our recruitment drive! Hope all of you guys enjoyed this year's recruitment drive! We know we did! The recruitment drive went well!

We managed to have over 200 people registering with us! We were glad that many did took the initiative to come down to our booth! Many commented that they know us through our week zero performances! This was a great feedback to us and we would definitely want to perform for the other schools in TP in the future!

All of you guys were very friendly and were keen to know more about cheerleading! The attitude we received from the crowd were all so positive that it gave our cheer spirit a boost even with the unforgiving weather!

Hand-made Cheer Board

TP Blazers Banner

Hard at work!

Our Booth!

Come join cheer!

We will see you at orientation!

Come take a look! 

Thank you so much for everything and we hope to see all of you soon! Always remember, B-L-A-Z-E-R-S WE ARE BLAZERS!

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