Monday, 9 July 2012

4 Major Lifts

This post if for the guys that dont know much about gymming
If you hit the gym and do know what to do just do this 4 exercises it would help you.
Bench press
Military Press

So basically this 4 exercises are like the 四大天王 of the gym.
Doing them at your maximum weight each time PROPERLY, should increase your strength for stunts.

Before working out , please remember to warm up properly to prevent injuries.

I shall go into detail for each exercise
The bench press , basically its like a push up but instead of pushing your self up you push the weight up.
If you cant even do standard push ups, I dont see a point of doing this exercise.
If you can do like 30 standard push ups I think you can at least put 10kg per side.(Estimate one la)
If you workout often enough 20kg is rather simple .

First get a bench, then put some weight on the bar. If possible get a spotter, you wouldnt want the bar to fall on you and get injured physically and socially.
Lie down on the bench with your chest below the bar.
Grip the bar at anything more than shoulder width.make sure you are comfortable
Get a good grip and lift the bar off the rack and position it directly above the middle of your chest. 
Inhale as you lower it down, gently touching your chest with the bar.
Do not bounce the bar off your chest, as this can cause serious injury. 
Begin to exhale as you push the bar up and away from your body. 
Extend your arms to fully.
When pushing try to push it up as fast as you can. 
Cheer is an anaerobic activity, doing your work out slowly wont help you much.

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Do it regularly  enough you should have a nice chest too   .
Start with barbells first, its easier to control compared to dumbbells
Next up would be military press AKA standing press.
This is probably the closest to exercise that feels like stunting. okay maybe just extension .
You could also do the variation of this which is the seated press which is easier.
Get the Olympic Bar (the thick one).
Since shoulder muscles rarely get focused training during callisthenics work out(unless you do handstands)
Starting with light weights would be safer 

Get a bar , put some weights,get a spotter.
Bring the bar to shoulder level .
You can either clean it up or ask 2 people to help you get it up.
But if you cant clean it up you probably wont be able to press it up either.
So with feet shoulder width apart.
Push the bar straight up and always in front of you like how you would stunt.
Although some online tutorials says lift it behind your head, I dont think it would be useful for cheer though
So extend your arms fully slightly in front of your head.
Inhale as you bring the bar back to your shoulder level. 
Thats 1 rep. Try to do 7 reps per set. If its too easy increase the weights

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Deadlifts, its called that because you will feel like dying the next day because of the sore back x.X
I think this is the hardest exercise to do properly and you get the most shit because of improper form.

Same as the other exercise grab a bar, put some weights, ask someone to constantly remind your form.
Stand slightly shoulder width apart.
Get into a squat position your back straight not hunched .
Grab the bar with one overhand grip and one with underhand grip.
Lift it up close to your body.
And put it back down thats one rep.
Sorry for the not very descriptive tutorial for this exercise.
Watch the video 

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Yeah keep your back straight the whole time RMB!

Lastly squats, the exercise that works out mainly your quadriceps.
In cheer all legs are like the most important muscle group.
Most of the time, you would hear the coaches or the seniors saying.
Because biologically your legs are bigger than your arms which means it can generate more strength.
And it would make the stunt smoother and easier to execute.
If you are squatting and if you go at the peak hours, you probably wont get to squat.
The squat rack too popular already and the fact that there is only one makes it more in demand.

Go to the rack , adjust the height of the bar so that i rests on your shoulder firmly when you are almost upright.
Put the weights on .
Go under the bar and hold it with a wide grip.
Push the bar off the rack and take a small step back
Drop your butt and do your squats.
Your heels must be on the floor the whole time.
Keep your back straight as well
Knees must not exceed your toes.
Stand back up as fast as you can. 
If you do it wrongly be prepared to get super powerful knee and back injuries. Which im sure you wouldnt want.

20 per side shouldnt be too tough for guys.
7 reps per set.
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Rule of thumb
7 rep is a good gauge to see if the weight is just nice or too heavy for you.
Ensure safety whenever you want to progress to heavier weights. SPOTTERS
Form is very important, you wouldnt want to get injuries because of improper form.
Finish your sets and dont hog the equipments.
You go to the gym to train your body not your mouth. So save the chit chat for after the workout.

I hope this is useful for the junior guys that want to gym .
So hit the gym to show me that you appreciate the effort for this post XD

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