Sunday, 1 July 2012

Seniors & juniors bonding session @ Sentosaaaaa

Last Sunday Blazers was @ Sentosa again!! This time it was specially organized by the committee as a bonding session for the seniors & juniors. (((:

1st game of self-intro ice-breaker!

 Then we proceeded to our 2nd game which was catfighting in the waters while on shouldersit dajiadajia!

Then it was pyramids time~


Jr & Sr pyramids!

And then we attempted b=tosses!!!

 Group shots! ^___^

Hungry? Yummy beehoon from yeeswen

Energised we continued playing & stunting again. ^^

Jr girls heelstretch

Finally the day ended with dinner @ Vivo's skypark~~~ 

And everyone became red lobsters by then hahaha.

It was the 1st time playing & stunting in the sentosa waters for the juniors. All of us were sunburnt but hope everyone had fun & learnt something new from this outing. There will be more to come. :DDDDD

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