Saturday, 21 July 2012


Dreams, we all have them. Some people dream about finding their other half, others dream of being on top of the world. Theres an unlimited number of things we all can dream about. This is why dreams are so powerful, they cause us to use the dream to our motivational advantage. If sufficient and prolonged effort is being put into it, with a little hint of luck, we might just achieve our dreams and get the 'breakthrough' we all hope for.

I encourage everybody to dream, dream big, set targets for yourself, make sure you work hard towards them be it your own life or cheer life. Set goals with deadlines so that you have a visual that helps you keep track of your progress. You could aim for a layout twist by the end of the next month, attempt a round off group stunt rewind by the end of the year etc. Whatever you do, take necessary steps for you to achieve your dream eventually.

These a points know as CPF might help you go about achieving your cheerleading goals.

1. CONSIDER whether or not it is a realistic goal with the amount of time allocated, if not, change either one to make it more realistic. Dont set a goal you cant hit, it might cause you to be extreme demotivated. Instead, initiate plans to help yourself achieve your goal, you could go research about the stunt by watching videos or asking people who have already achieved the stunt to tell you more about how to do it and what are the difficulties involve. This way, you would get a clearly picture of your goal and it would be easier for you to work towards it.

3. PRACTISE your stunt, it is not going to help if you just stand around and expect yourself to miraculously be able to do the stunt. Break it down and do it from its basic level, for example, if you want to do a liberty, start with an extention, followed by a closed-leg extention, followed finally by a liberty. Once you are confident about moving to the next level, do so, but make sure that any bad techniques get eradicated before moving on. This is to prevent any snowball of small technical errors that might accumulate as the level of difficulty of your goal is increasing.

3.PERSEVERANCE is self-explainatory.

4. FLEXIBILITY is important because there are many different ways or techniques that can be used to achieve your desired stunt, therefore being too stubborn and only sticking to one technique would not be beneficial to your steps towards your goal. What would be best if you experiment around with the different techniques and find out which is the one that suits you the best. Or alternatively you could come out with your personalised technique which would be the best as you technically understand your body better than others, so by coming using your own method, you are able to customise the technique in a way where it compliments your strengths.

These three points will get you a rough understanding on what i feel is the best way for you to achieve your cheerleading dream. One more last pointer, try to set goals with your friends, it would be more motivating when you have friends with similiar goals as there will be a tendency that you and your friends will spur each other on and therefore make it a more enjoyable and motivating road to achieving your goals.

The best part about achieving something is the long and deserving road you took to achieve it, if there aren't any challenges along the way, would it be something truly memorable? And whats the use of happiness if you dont have anybody to share it with right?

Jia you to everybody having their dreams and working towards your goals, you all can do it, no matter how hard the going gets. I believe in you all okay ^^

"Don't give up, don't ever give up." - Jimmy Valvano

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