Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blazers Rexaz exchange!

On 14th July, Blazers had our 2nd exchange programme! This time it was with RP Rexaz. :DD

We headed to RP in the morning and we started our day off with ice breakers!!
First we played the squirrel and hunter game then the chicken feet game where we had a guys vs girls duel.

 Chicken feet game. ^^

After games, we had a short warm up session rexaz style which was something different from blazers' warm-ups.

Then it was stunts time!!!
Every group had a mix of both blazers and rexaz members thus we got a chance to stunt with each other. ^^
First off, it was group stunt full-up, heelstretch double down!
Then we proceeded twas b-toss toe touch & pike before ending with a trophy pyramid. :DD

This exchange was a very good opportunity for us to mingle and share different techniques with one another while getting to know cheerleaders from other teams. We even got to try the techniques learnt on the spot! ((((:

We had a very good time meeting new cheerleaders exchanging different techniques with each other & having fun at the same time. We indeed enjoyed  ourselves very much. ^___^
Thank you Rexaz for hosting us! :D

*Read about our exchange from rexaz! (:

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