Wednesday, 25 April 2012

CCA Recruitment Drive 2012


Hope all those interested came down to our booths to sign up for Blazers! 
If you haven't that's alright, feel free to contact us at for any enquiries! 
We'll fill you guys in with more updates on the cca recruitment drive coming up for you freshies!

Here's a Blazers promotional video, just for all you guys! Enjoy! (:

Credits to Soh Vil! Thanks for the video!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blazers Outing @ Marina Barrage

Marina Blazerade

Recent Blazers Outing at the Marina Barrage. Weather was so hot during the day, but luckily it got better later in the day or we all would have suffered a heat stroke! #kidding

Anyways some photos! Enjoy!

Oh! and hey we have a potential cheerleader!

In like probably 10 years time hahaha!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Random post

I have a dream.
The dream includes everyone in the team
This year, we will put in more effort than the last
This year, we will improve faster than the last
This year, we will keep more juniors than the last
This year, we will have a stronger team then the last

By the time when the next season comes, the trophy will be ours at long last ~

Jiayou everyone work hard!
Especially the Juniors turning Seniors!
You all will have to teach them when the freshie comes in.
The grand seniors will be busy with their SIP, but I'm sure we will all come down whenever we can!

This season is gonna be tough, but as a team we gonna pull through this !


Physical Test For Current Blazers!


Physical Test: 1st May 2012 (Tuesday)

1. Military Press 15kg/side; 7 reps
2. Dead Lifts 1.5x Body Weight; 7 reps
3. Squats 1.5x Body Weight; 7 reps
4. Handstand 1 minute
5. Push up 3 sets of 20 reps
6. Bench Press Body Weight; 7 reps

Other Criteria:
Must be able to do: 180 degree Toe touch. (Form Important)

1. Back Bends 10 reps
2. Stradle Lifts 20 reps
3. Squats 10 reps; Partner up with other flyers
4. Hand Stand 1 Minute
5. Push up 3 sets of 20 reps
6. V ups 15 reps
7. Mid tiering 3 reps of 1 minute

Other Criteria:
Kick up Heel Stretch



For the more flexible girls please get your Bow and Arrows.

Failure to pass the test will deny you the chance to stunt until all of the requirements are met.

This will be strictly enforced.