Wednesday 11 June 2014

Post Nationals Celebration @ AMPED Jurong TRAMPO PARK!

Ok, so after all the BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS that were shed for the last season…

Poor WanXin… :( Obviously tired from TRAINING HARD.



We finally had our post nationals celebration organised by the Coaches! (actually its just 2months ++)


Obviously when you put a bunch of monkeys (err, I mean kids) with trampoline, you'll get a ball of fun! This session was an awesome one for all of us to relax and jump our ass off. Of course, also to do some moves that we don't dare to do on the mats :P Its great to see all the Blazers kids to have fun with one another! 

Great Job Natalie! :D

AND of course, more pics!


After 2 hours of jumping around, our Coaches have sponsored us dinner! :9

Also… We have an alumni that would be going in to army soon! (Actually by the time this post is posted, he is already serving the nation)

And this alumni is none other than…..


Oops sorry! I mean Cleon.

Hope to see you soon, CLEON! You will be missed!

One last pic to end the post!

Signing off,
TP Blazers

Sunday 4 May 2014

TP Blazers Orientation Programme

Hey! Wanna know what is Cheerleading? TP Blazers will be conducting an Orientation Programme for you! Yes, You! We have lined up a series of exciting activities for you to try during the Orientation.

If you wanna try these moves, come join us!

Our Orientation Programme will be on the following days:

5th May, Monday @ 6pm
8th May, Thursday @ 6pm
10th May, Saturday @ 10am

Venue: Sport Complex, Level 2

Attire: Sport Attire with Covered Shoes
Girls please wear SAFETY SHORTS/TIGHTS!

Here's some stuff to take note before you come:

- Nails have to be trimmed short
- Body piercings have to be removed due to safety reasons.

For those freshies that didn't sign up with us and would like to join us for the Orientation, please feel free to contact any of our Committee Members:

Annabella: 83224249
Shaik: 96973251
Kevin: 90213283

Don't be late and see you there! :D