Sunday, 19 May 2013

Orientation :)

Hi Blazers' fans! So, we have ended our orientation and we all hope that those that came did enjoy and learn some things about cheerleading! The response to the orientation was great! We had about, on an average, 70 people coming down for the orientation! We had three stations: Jumps, Stunts and Gymnastics! And at the end of the each orientation, we did some physical training and many freshies did well! :)

Splitting into the three stations :)

Forward Roll!!

Tall to Tallest!!



Double Thigh Stand!

Shoulder Sit

Let's Go!


Locking Drills!

Showcase Time :)

Elevator Prep :)

We do hope that all of you guys that came do continue to commit to cheer and start to love it! :) And for those out there that still wants to join, do feel free to approach any of us or your friends that came for the trainings! :)