Sunday, 28 April 2013

Upcoming Orientation 2013

Hey all the TP students out there! Firstly, we would like to thank all those that have registered with us during the recruitment drive! Thank you for showing interest in TP Blazers Cheerleading team!

You should be receiving a text message and an e-mail regarding our orientation soon enough! For those that did not register with us but are interested in coming down to our oreintation, feel free to drop by! We will be more than willing to welcome you!

So as part of our initiation of new members into our TP Blazers family, we will be conducting two orientation trainings on next Tuesday (30/4/13) and Friday (3/5/13) from 6pm - 9pm. Do take not that you are only required to attend ONE orientation session. However should one session not be enough to satisfy your love for cheerleading you are welcome to come down for both sessions! For both sessions, the reporting venue would be in the sports complex while the reporting time would be 5.45pm for adminstrative purposes. Please do come down in red, black or white shirts together with sports shorts and covered shoes. For females, training shorts and tights are COMPULSORY. Do bring water bottles down to keep yourselves hydrated too!

Do note that coming down to the orientation does not mean that you have to commit to our team! This orientation is to let all of you guys know what we actually do in cheerleading! So do not be afraid and come down with an open mind! We promise you that you will definitely have fun!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Recruitment Drive 2013

Hey all the Blazers fans out there! We have just concluded our recruitment drive! Hope all of you guys enjoyed this year's recruitment drive! We know we did! The recruitment drive went well!

We managed to have over 200 people registering with us! We were glad that many did took the initiative to come down to our booth! Many commented that they know us through our week zero performances! This was a great feedback to us and we would definitely want to perform for the other schools in TP in the future!

All of you guys were very friendly and were keen to know more about cheerleading! The attitude we received from the crowd were all so positive that it gave our cheer spirit a boost even with the unforgiving weather!

Hand-made Cheer Board

TP Blazers Banner

Hard at work!

Our Booth!

Come join cheer!

We will see you at orientation!

Come take a look! 

Thank you so much for everything and we hope to see all of you soon! Always remember, B-L-A-Z-E-R-S WE ARE BLAZERS!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inviting TP Students to our Recruitment Drive 2013

Hi all fellow TP students out there!
We're having a recruitment drive on the 23 April (Tues) & 24 April (Wed)!

It's located along the path in the plaza leading to the Applied Science School.
Still unsure? Refer to the picture provided below!
For any enquiries, please contact Nigel @ 90041529, Weeliang @ 96554897 or Cleon @ 91198991!

Feel free to visit us and find out more about our CCA! See you! :D

Friday, 19 April 2013

Week Zero Performances

Hi guys! School term is beginning and we've just finished our week 0 performances! We performed in the Business Orientation Opening and also the Polytechnic Foundation Programme! We are glad to receive all the positive feedback from the organisers and the crowd.

To all the freshies that watched our performances, we hope you guys enjoyed our routine!

Photos time! ☺☺



Class photo of our performers


Juniors Heel Stretch!


Leader of our group! THANKS ESTEE!

We are proud to represent both TP and Blazers cheerleading, we do hope for more of such opportunities to showcase what cheer is all about to our potential freshies! Good job TP Blazers! :D

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Post-Nats 2013

We've come a long way since nationals competition 2012, from getting the 9th position last year to clinching the 3rd this year.
Take a walk with us as we look back on our journey for the past year (:

Video credits to Sohvil!

Now it's been almost a month since we've come to the end of this season of nationals. So what've we been up to for the past month?

We'll let pictures do the talking. (:

Stunting daringly against the beautiful backdrop @ Gardens by the Bay with Denvers. 

Attempting stunts that we never thought we'd ever hit....

....but eventually we did!

Thank you Denvers for giving us the opportunity to stunt in your grounds!

They say it is impossible to breakaway entirely from cheerleading. Our graduating seniors have just shown us what it means attending recruitment drives and weekly trainings for open teams soon right after competition has ended.

Let the cheer flame continue to burn~~

Credits to: Raeann, Ben, Joshua (Denvers) for the photos. ^^

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Girl Group Road to Nats

This season, Blazers participated in the All Girl Group category for the first time. Asteria has trained hard for this season, putting up a great routine all of us are proud of. (:

It was a stressful journey for us as we had limited time to train for both girl group and team routine. The journey towards nationals wasn't easy, met with obstacles that were both physically and emotionally tiring. Stress level piled up as nationals drew closer. Despite all our cries, stress and injuries, this journey has nonetheless been filled with lots of happy memories.

Season 2012/2013 was a challenge for us having to focus on 2 different set of routines. All of us were pushed to go beyond what we thought we could do. It was a personal achievement for us - seeing our tears, sweat and commitment slowly materializing with the consistency of our stunts' hit rate.  Although Asteria did not win first place in the competition, we are really proud of the stunts we achieved - full up to extension and cupie heel stretch!

Having had zero prior experience of basing, this was a totally fresh experience for us. We realised that we had been missing out on a huge part of cheer. Girls do not always have to be flyers, it isn't about being at the top all the time, basing can be fun too! Yes, it may not be easy, but the sense of satisfaction will definitely ultimately be worth it.

For one of our members, Estee, the fear of having big arms and legs, and having lesser attention from the crowd has never occurred to her because participating in girl group has always been a dream, since her primary school days of starting out as a base. She learnt to understand the different POVs of a flyer and a base which certainly improved her awareness as a flyer.

For year 1 junior, Allison, she hopes for more female bases to join us this coming season to continue Asteria. The beautiful thing about a team sport is whichever role we play, everyone plays an equal part in hitting a stunt. Every cheerleader's cheer journey is full of bumps and obstacles - unsupportive parents, injuries, heavy commitments, etc. However, we all know that the self-satisfaction & pride in one's team when we hit ASU or should we say ASUWE, makes this tough journey well worth the effort.

Girl Group with their medals!

Cupie Heel Stretch

Girl Group with our beloved coaches, BB and YQ <3

Regardless of which category we were in, we've worked hard together this season, making this journey yet another milestone in our Poly life. Always proud to be in the Blazers family! ♥♥♥