Tuesday 16 October 2012

Highs~Lows of ALP Day

Last Thursday was ALP (Adventure Learning Programme) day for Blazers! Our day started off early in the morning. And tucked behind TP's TCA building was our playground + learning ground for the day! High elements all around. ^^
The day started off with ice-breakers with our trainers from ELF and then we proceeded to low elements stations.

Our playground!

First off was trust fall station which we attempted something like a fall cradle.

Next was tight-rope walking~ While it looks easy, it required alot of teamwork & techniques

My bonnie lies over the ocean ^^

Ice-breakers session

After the warm-up sessions, it was time to settle down to serious business: Setting our goals, expectations & learning points for the day as a team.

After lunch break, it was finally time for high elements!!!!

Wearing our safety harness first.......

We attempted 2 high elements stations: Flying Fox and Pamperpoles!!

Finally our day concluded with a group photo with our trainers from ELF. (:

Just as we were having fun outside of training, we've also managed to bond and achieved the goals we set together during the warmup session. Let's not forget the learning points taken away from the ALP. :)