Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas, Blazers' style!


On Sunday, Blazers had a pre-celebration of our xmas together..............at Pulau Ubin!
We started our day off early in the morning before taking a ferry over to the island.

Our morning faces  ☁☼☁ ☺☺

First highlight of the day - stunting!!

Then it was biking trekking time!!!!

Check out our #ootd! ;D
With our long awaited BLAZERS team pants ^^ ^^ ^^

The weather was super super awesome ((((: Thankfully it didnt rain and the sun wasn't scorching either
But it still left some of us sunburnt hahahaha.

Finally it was dinner time ^____^

Sleepyheads red lobsters

Although our cookies were raided by the monkeys and the cycling left us with sore legs & sunburns but this team trip was our first time travelling 'overseas' together and an eye-opening experience for us and we definitely had alot of fun together!

A big thank you to our coaches YQ & BB & our committee members for taking care of us throughout the day and Weihao for planning this Ubin trip!

MerrChristmas everyone!!!!